Coexist athletics

Helping people with disabilities have fun while being active





Coexist Athletics helps empower individuals, organizations and communities to engage with inclusive or adaptive sports and recreation by: 

  • Increasing awareness of inclusivity through presentations for community organizations, schools, clinical staff, youth troops, camps...etc about disability awareness and inclusive programming.


  • Helping people with disabilities and their families get connected to sports and recreation opportunities in their area. 


  • Promoting the growth and development of new and current inclusive and adaptive programming through education and consulting services for community organizations, sports and recreational program managers, and coaches. 



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Frequently Asked questions

1.  Can I use a portion or all of your logo? 

Please contact us about how you would like to use the logo.  We are happy to promote disability awareness and acceptance through the use of our art. We simply need to confirm appropriate use and ensure recognition is given to Coexist Athletics through our user agreement. 

2. I have a disability and don't know what's available in my area can you help? 

Yes! Contact us and we will be happy to talk to you about your interests and work to connect you with champions in your region for recreation opportunities.

3. I am interested in volunteering in my region, how or where can I do that? 

Contact us and we will be happy to get you connected to programs that fit your interests, goals and experience. 

4. I am trying to develop a sports program for people with disabilities and make my current programming more inclusive and am not sure where to begin. 

We would be happy to do a video conference or phone call with you to answer questions and provide some suggestions and case studies on how to help you get started.  The first consulting session is free. After that if you would like to continue to utilize our services we can set up a consulting fee based on your organization's ability to pay. 

5. I'm interested in having someone come and present to our clinicians, students, staff, teachers, athletes on a specific topic.

Contact us we would be happy to provide a presenter and discuss relevant and appropriate topics for your specific group. 

6. What are some example topics of your presentations?

We have done a wide range of topics mostly to do with:

A) How to interact with people with disabilities in programming or in the community. Such as: Hidden Disabilities, Dynamics of Inclusive Sports, Volunteer Training Sessions, Definition of Disability...etc. 

B) Working with and providing programming for people with disabilities from a functional/business perspective. Such as: Equipment considerations for adaptive programs, How to utilize current systems for inclusive programming, Progression of offering inclusive programming, How to get people with disabilities interested in our new program...etc

7. What sports do you work with?

Our network includes connections from various adaptive sports. Coexist Athletics supports activity of all types and is not bias towards one form of exercise or recreation. The founder of Coexist Athletics, Joy, primary involvement is with the sport of adaptive rowing or para-rowing. 

8. Where are you located?

We have a national network in the USA to help connect you with adaptive sport opportunities in your region and/or bring in presenters for your event. Our base is in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.